For over three decades Saddle Peak Lodge has been committed to providing the very best American wines.
We have also expanded our selection to include fine European wines as well.


We also strive to add new and exciting producers from less well known AVA’s throughout the world that showcase varietal excellence, unique terroir, and most importantly, exceptional pairing with our cuisine.


And since Saddle Peak Lodge is a place of celebration – we have a wide range of excellent champagnes, other international sparkling and dessert wines as well.


To view our current wine list please click here


Corkage Policy: $35 (750ml)
Two Bottle Maximum

Corkage is doubled for champagne and bottles present on the list.

Large format bottle corkage is charged per 750ml contained. For each bottle purchased from our list,

we will grant one complimentary corkage during the same visit (two bottle maximum still applies).