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Why Saddle Peak Lodge?

Our unique decor.
Our spectacular natural surroundings, history and rustic elegance provide the ideal setting for an ideal event.

Exquisite Dining
Our unique menus, created by Chef Joey Gibson Rivas, are prepared with fresh ingredients and an extraordinary selection of exotic meats.

Professional Staff
Over 30 years of experience providing fine dining experience, and our passion for pleasing guests, all combine to make Saddle Peak Lodge, the first choice for a memorable event. In addition your staff for your event are full time with our venue, they work in our restaurant, are familiar with the food, venue and all of the options which we provide and will be there to assist you and your guests with anything you could need.
 It is very common that venues "rent" daily staff from a staffing agency who can be unfamiliar with many of your most important details.

 One stop destination
We take pride in providing a rental-free venue and accommodate any event under 100 guests with no obligatory additional costs. Events over 100 guests we work with various event rental companies and can coordinate matching rentals to meet your desired aesthetic. We are fully equipped with beautiful plates, table settings, centerpieces composed of local succulents & white light candles, white linens as well as service staff, tables and chairs for both your ceremony and reception. If you envision a different aesthetic our team can assist in finding exactly what you are looking for as we have long standing relationships with all of the city's top event rental companies. In most wedding venues this is at an added cost to the event, but we gladly provide everything you need to have a beautiful ceremony & reception.

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